Saturday, July 30, 2011

{ Bread }

Oh how I loooooove bread!  And butter.  REAL butter!  For years I never made homemade yeast breads because the thought of kneading dough scarred me.  Over kneading, under kneading, adding too much flour, not enough flour!  All of those reasons have deterred me over the years.  Thankfully not long ago, 2 people put their scientific and culinary skills together and wrote an amazing cookbook.  A few years after that, they added another cookbook that revised their original recipe into a healthier version.  The original book is "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes Per Day".  I LOVE THIS COOKBOOK!  This book has revolutionized the art of bread baking.  It is so unbelievably easy!!  Another bonus in baking your own bread is the cost.  At less than 50 cents per loaf, it will definitely save you some "dough"!  Also, isn't it nice to be able to actually pronounce the ingredient list in the food you are eating?  I am going to give you a link to their youtube video because the first batch I made was easy, but had I seen this video 1st would have been even easier!  Plus the authors are the ones in the video and they help you realize how easy this recipe is.

Now that you've seen the video and realize just how easy it is, here is a link to both cookbooks.  I love them both and have made several recipes from each.  I even made the pita bread in the first book and it was so easy and so tasty! 

Both books found on

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  1. I love bread and man have been craving some since going gluten free! I think I will check this out, thanks! If these are your loaves here, they look so professional! when are you opening up your bakery/cafe???? LOL! Thanks again for sharing!